10 ways you can make an additional income in your spare time

People often say ‘time is money’ – but working out how to exchange that time for real cash can be tricky.

We’ve put together 10 interesting and innovative ways you might not have considered for how to change your spare time into a second income…

Sell your stuff

You only have to take a quick glance though Facebook group listings to see there are hundreds – if not thousands – of people who sell their stuff online.

The reason it’s so popular is because people are keen to buy almost anything. As money is tighter for us as a nation, we’re eager to save wherever we can – and you better believe that a pre-owned computer desk is a far more attractive prospect than paying hundreds of pounds for one!

There’s an endless supply of classified websites out there – and that’s before you’ve started with the local ‘for sale’ pages on Facebook. Sign up to as many as you can – and remember that with pre-owned items, people are more likely to haggle, so start a little higher than the price you’re willing to take.

Find stuff to sell

If the first tip sounds good but you’re looking around and seeing nothing you can sell, then it’s time to find something!

A great place to start is the ‘free’ section of your local classified site. Don’t ever under-estimate how little time people have to make their stuff look good before they sell it. There are people who make a fortune by buying a car, polishing and valeting it then adding £500 and selling it on – and you can do something similar with virtually any item.

If you have charity shops nearby they can be treasure troves – especially if you’re willing to photograph items (clothes look infinitely better on a mannequin for instance).

Work out your costs and make sure you’re marking each item up enough to bring in a reasonable amount each month – and, if things don’t move quickly, you’re likely to always get back at least what you’ve paid for it.

Walk people’s dogs

This is a great opportunity for dog owners or people looking to get a little more fit!

Having a dog and working full time is often difficult – so making up some fliers to put through people’s letterboxes is a great way of letting people know you can free up some of their time.

Oh, but you might want to buy a good waterproof jacket – you’ll find your services are in a much greater demand when the weather isn’t so wonderful!

Do odd jobs

If you’ve got an Ikea or other flat pack furniture shop nearby then you can bet that there’s thousands of people who would pay you to put their furniture together for them.

You might need a few tools to get started – but if you can follow instructions easily then, believe it or not, you’re streets ahead of most people. Consider the sheer size and weight of some items too, often people just don’t have the skills or strength to assemble bigger things like wardrobes or dining tables.

Of course, it’s not just flat pack furniture that needs your attention, there’s odd household jobs, gardening, cleaning and much more that people need help with.

Rent your spare room

Have you got a spare room that you keep promising to make into an office or guest room?! Well, with a little investment (or some tactical searching through free items!) you could put together a space that someone’s going to be willing to pay for.

There’s a lot to consider when taking in a lodger, and you need to make sure there’s paperwork in place so everyone understands the agreement – but increasing housing costs mean people are always keen to share.


If you’ve got a flair for words or know a particular subject inside-out there are likely to be thousands of websites who would love you to write for them.

Consider advertising your writing services on a freelancer website like Fiverr or PerPerHour – and put together some portfolio work that showcases what you can do. Writing can be a great side line that works around your hours!


While you might not have the qualifications to apply for a formal teaching role – there are lots of teaching opportunities out there that can be done more casually.

Do you play a musical instrument?

Do you have some foreign language skills?

Could you teach or coach English to someone casually?

Could you teach someone how to do your full-time job?

If you’ve got a skill, there’s a strong possibility there’s someone out there who’d pay you to teach it to them!

Sell your skills

You might find that your full-time job skills translate into something that you can do on a casual basis part time.

Have you got customer service skills? Perhaps you could help a company run their social media pages from your laptop. Do you have book-keeping skills? Maybe a local business would need you to keep their spending in check.

Then again, maybe you’ve got an interest you could monetise – could your baking skills mean you could provide wedding cupcakes?! Or could you offer to change people’s oil in their car? The possibilities are endless!

Be a mystery shopper

A number of large companies employ the services of mystery shoppers, people who pose as customers to assess the level of service their staff are offering in store.

You can be paid for this role – and it often works around the times you’d normally be shopping or browsing anyway.

Rent your parking space

If you’ve got a parking space allocated to your property and know people would like to use it – why not offer to rent it to someone?

On-street parking can be difficult (or impossible) to find in the middle cities and towns, so there’s a good chance someone who be keen to use your drive way.

The world is your oyster! But be careful

As you can see, with a bit of imagination there are plenty of ways you could bolster your income – but do make sure you’re careful, you should look into insurance cover if you’ve working in people’s home or looking after items or pets. You’re not likely to need it – but it’s better to be safe than sorry!


Rebecca Lewis

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